An apology to my blog


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Dear blog,

I am sorry you have sat here neglected for all of 2017. I thought about you often over the year but did not make the time to come and visit. Life just kind of got in the way…

I spent January getting my house ready to sell.

Then February and March was spent maintaining the place for open homes and its eventual sale.

April was spent packing the house up into a container and moving into temporary shared accommodation.

May and June was spent busily procrastinating after realising that there were three presentations to write for the fast approaching SLANZA conference.

Then July was spent with a long and protracted bout of the flu.

The rest of 2017 was spent in a state of unfocused confusion, wondering what I’m going to do with my life, and realising that the shared accommodation was maybe not going to be as temporary as first anticipated and that it definitely does not have a quiet place for me to sit and think. Oh, and a change in employment status, writing and facilitating online PD for SLANZA, going over new house building plans, and a rather nasty sinus infection.

Anywho, none of this is to excuse the neglect you have suffered, but rather to go some way to explain it. I am sorry. I have come up with a plan for 2018 so that I will make contact more regularly. I look forward to hanging out with you again this year! See you soon. Promise.


Steph copy


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