What I think about when I’m running: uLearn edition


It seemed rude to travel all the way to Rotorua for uLearn16 and not spend some time exploring the Redwoods. So with a full brain on Thursday afternoon, I snuck off to enjoy some “fresh” air and some world-famous-in-New-Zealand trails. Here’s what I thought about while I was out there.

  1. The 11.5km Tokorangi Pa track should be totally doable before dark.
  2. Follow the purple arrows – how easy is that?
  3. Hmm, maybe going off-road after all this rain wasn’t such a good idea…
  4. Mud is fun!
  5. Man, there is a lot of up.
  6. The other people on this trail are so polite!
  7. This is awesome. I can see why people get addicted to trail running.
  8. This trail is really clearly marked.
  9. Yay, finally some down!
  10. Whoa, nearly ended up in a big mud puddle there.
  11. Hmm, which fork in this path should I follow?
  12. Where are you now, purple arrows?
  13. This doesn’t look much of a path.
  14. I’ll go back and follow the other one.
  15. This looks like even less of a path…
  16. I’ve come a long way down now, I can’t be bothered going all the way back up.
  17. Hmm…this looks like a dry creek bed…
  18. Yep, this is definitely no longer a path.
  19. I wonder where the path is?
  20. I’ve tried retracing my steps but all the mountain bike tracks have confused me.
  21. I am surrounded by hills and trees and can’t see any landmarks, paths or people.
  22. Good one.
  23. Oh, now you’re going to start raining?!
  24. Okay, think.
  25. Nope, no cell phone signal.
  26. Better keep moving to keep warm.
  27. I’m going to be one of those people on the news that is mocked for not being prepared.
  28. Why did you leave your jacket and hat in the car?
  29. And why didn’t you tell anyone where you were going?
  30. Or when to expect you back?
  31. Amateur.
  32. Someone should notice I’m missing in about 24 hours.
  33. I’ve been out here over an hour. I wonder how long I can keep going?
  34. It feels like it’s starting to get dark…
  35. Is that a road?
  36. Yes!
  37. Okay, roads have to lead somewhere.
  38. I should go up the hill so I can get my bearings again.
  39. Hey! A purple arrow! I’m saved!
  40. Of course it’s pointing back down the hill…
  41. Right this feels more like it.
  42. I wonder how far I’ve actually gone.
  43. Up again?
  44. Ooh, look, another runner! I must be close to civilisation again.
  45. A tarseal road!
  46. Where have the purple arrows gone again?
  47. How do I get on the other side of this fence.
  48. Wah! I just want to get back to the car!
  49. OMG, it’s the carpark!! Hooray!!
  50. Thanks for the adventure, Redwoods.


(For my more usual running thoughts see this post here.)


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