Close reading: The reader-friendly library service

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Lately I have been (virtually) introduced to the fabulous Rachel van Riel.  I love her genius, yet simple, ideas for catching readers’ attention in a busy library.  Having begun watching a presentation van Riel gave to Scandinavian public librarians, I decided I wanted to get closer to some of the source material – her book The Reader-friendly Library Service.

After a quick search online, I discovered that (in New Zealand dollars) van Riel books are quite expensive to buy!  Luckily Hastings District Libraries came to my rescue and allowed me to borrow a copy from their staff collection.  Sometimes it helps to live in a smaller centre – I know two of the CYP librarians there and they put in a good word for me!

I have just started reading the first chapter of The Reader-friendly Library Service and have already made copious notes of great display ideas and things to share with our school teaching staff.  Rather than write notes in a book that I’ll never open again, I thought it would be a better idea to keep track of my learning here.  So as I make my way through the book I will share my responses to its ideas here, chapter by chapter.

I hope you’ll stay tuned and be as inspired as me!



Riel, R. V., Fowler, O., & Downes, A. (2008). The reader-friendly library service. Newcastle upon Tyne: Society of Chief Librarians.


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