Interesting reading this week:


Interesting Reading by Gyula Kardos, shared on Wikimedia Commons as a public domain work of art

Unleashing creativity. Stephanie shares her experience of blogging every single day.  There is some great musings here on being creative and I absolutely love the shout out to schools to encourage students to continue to create.  I also have a serious case of font envy from those presentation slides!  (Shared by Train the Teacher on WordPress.)

Sustaining a makerspace.  Kristin Fontichiaro shares really practical ideas to keep makerspaces sustainable in terms of budget, time and energy.  I love her reminder about being clear about the WHY of makerspaces because that should then drive the HOW.  And did I mention the ideas were practical?  (Shared by Miriam on SLANZA’s G+ community.)

Great books for resistant readers in middle school and high school.  Pernille Ripp has some great book suggestions that would appeal to some of the reluctant boy readers at my school.  Some we already have, but it’s always good to get new titles to tempt those ‘tricky’ customers.  (Shared by Pernille Ripp on WordPress.)

Tweeting, not sleeping?  Balancing sleep and social media.  This article caught my eye as I work on my Tech-free Tuesday post.  I think there are some interesting findings here, though we need to be cautious about the whole correlation / causation thing.  (Shared by School of Information Studies at CSU of Facebook.)

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