Interesting reading this week:


Interesting Reading by Gyula Kardos, shared on Wikimedia Commons as a public domain work of art

OER and you. The curation mandate. – Open Education Resources are coming and school libraries (librarians) need to be in the game.  They should be helping to curate resources, making resources discoverable, and working with teachers to use resources ethically and legally.  A call to be ready when the platforms and your teachers are ready! (Shared by Carole on the schoollib listserv.)

The ancient productivity tool that will boost your brain power. – How paper and pen can make you more creative and productive.  Technology is good but sometimes old school can be better. (Shared by Buffy Hamilton on Twitter.)

How this school library increased student use by 1000 percent.  – Love this idea of moving beyond makerspaces, of having library use connected to classroom learning, and of this change being led by the school principal.  There is much that will be referred to here for March’s #EdBlogNZ challenge. (Shared by Desna on SLANZA’s facebook page.)

Thanks to Stephanie at Teaching the Teacher for this idea and format.


2 thoughts on “Interesting reading this week:

    • Thanks for setting the format I follow. For years I’ve read professional stuff online and then, poof, it’s gone, never to be seen again. This is such a simple and succinct way to keep track of all that accidental learning!


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