Mem Fox: Ten read-aloud commandments

Mem Fox

Mem Fox is a well-known Australian author and advocate for children’s literacy.  I admire her because she talks a lot of sense about reading – and in plain English too!

Here is a link to Mem Fox’s Ten Read-aloud Commandments that were included in our course work.  If every adult undertook to keep these commandments, we would have a much smarter and more equal New Zealand in no time.  And the best thing is none of the commandments are hard.

Rediscovering these commandments reminded me of my favourite Mem Fox quote:

I’m advocating people read aloud for 10 minutes a day. Because that’s one per cent of the day. If you can’t read aloud to your kid for 10 minutes, why have you got a child? Wouldn’t it have been better for you to have goldfish?

She is full of so much awesome!

Right, I’m off to keep some commandments.  You should too.  Go on, off you go.


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